No matter how careful you are with your files and data, it might sometimes happen to get corrupt files and errors. One of the most frustrating situations is not being able to access your data files, especially if we are talking about databases that store large amounts of information. A backup should be created periodically, especially for sensitive information. But if the universe caught you off guard and it turns out that you can no longer access your database in MySQL, a dedicated repair tool might do the trick.

As its name clearly suggests, Cigati MySQL Database Repair is a simple tool whose purpose is to help you repair broken or corrupted MySQL databases. With its help, there is a chance that you get back lost database contents that otherwise might be lost for good.  

Aiming to make the process as easy as possible, the application features a simple interface with a look that will surely remind you of Microsoft Office. The layout is simple and accessible, allowing one-click access to all the options and features.

You must first select the database file you want to repair with Cigati MySQL Database Repair. The locations of the temporary path and the log file are also customizable.

Once the database is selected, Cigati MySQL Database Repair will reveal all the database objects in the left-side panel, allowing you to browse all the tables and database contents in tree-view. The data can be saved locally.

Cigati MySQL Database Repair can fix corrupt or damaged MySQL database files, granting you access to your data once again. On the downside, it does not process more than one database at a time, but that should not be a feature you need anyway.