Cigati OST Splitter Tool is a tool designed to help the user split pesky OST files. Since these can contain mailbox information from services such as Office 365, Exchange, or Outlook, the size can become an issue at times. This is why using this application could make your life easier by splitting large files into two or more items that can be managed in an easier fashion.

The program will not look menacing in any way. In fact, it looks quite friendly and easy to handle. Begin by selecting the number of files you'd like to split. This program also works with files added in bulk. Adjust the log and temp file paths if you desire to. Once the file or files are loaded, you'll immediately notice a three-way split window. In the left pane, you will be able to see a tree of each particular file's contents. The center serves as an item viewing area, while the right area is used to preview the message contained by the previously selected element.

Once you're sure and happy about your selection, you can tell the application what particularities to take into consideration when splitting the files. Should it take into account a specific start and end date? Should it separate files taking into account the message type? You can add specific criteria if you feel further customization is needed. Here you can also select the path to save your resulting file or files. Once you're clear on how and according to which rules the files will be split, you're free to click the Convert button for the process to start.

Cigati OST Splitter Tool is a simple tool dedicated to those users looking to split big OST files into smaller, more manageable iterations. The program is precise and friendly, allowing the user to achieve any set goal without too much hassle.