Citrus Alarm Clock is an easy to use desktop alarm clock that works with the commonly-used audio formats and offers superior customization power.

With a well thought out and eye-appealing design, Citrus Alarm Clock is aimed at all user categories, as most of the options rely on intuitive names.

You can create as many alarms as you want, all displayed in the main window of the app, along with configuration time and next activation date.

Each alarm can be further modified, tested, disabled, deleted or forced to skip the next activation.

Citrus Alarm Clock works with plenty of audio formats on the market, including MP3, WMA and AAC, while also offering a “snooze” feature via the “Space” button of your keyboard.

You are of course allowed to configure sleep, fade and maximum alarm duration, but also alarm foreground and background colors.

Once configured, Citrus Alarm Clock runs in the background and leaves an icon in the System Tray, giving you the option to cancel or delete an alarm at any given moment. Only basic computer skills are required for this task, but a help manual is however available in case you need assistance on a specific option.

All things considered, Citrus Alarm Clock is clearly a good choice when it comes to a desktop alarm system, running smoothly on all Windows versions and offering a great feature package. It has a good looking interface and ease to use options to appeal to all user categories.