Microsoft Excel aficionados and those who have been using its capabilities for a long time could still prefer the old look of the classic menus of the 2003 version. They would require a way of bringing back the classic menus in the newer versions and this is what Classic Style Menus and Toolbars for Microsoft Excel 2007 is here for. It will allow users to implement the look and features of the classic menu in the newer versions.

Featuring a swift deployment process, the add-in will then be easily accessible in the Microsoft Excel’s ribbon menu, alongside the File menu. Not only will it simulate the looks of the classic menus, but it will offer all the features and tools provided in the regular Excel package.

Regarding its appearance, the add-in does a good job at implementing the classic look of the old menu in the newer versions of Excel. All of the provided features can be accessed from a single menu or their dedicated separate menus. Needless to say that they are fully functional and therefore the simulation goes past just the “looks”.

Users will be able to tailor the looks of the classical menus in order to meet their requirements. The add-in allows them to set it to run on more than one PC account and it can be disabled / enabled with ease. Additionally, several of the predefined tabs can be easily hidden using the configuration menu.

Since it offers a straightforward installation process and an accessible configuration, this add-in might find itself quickly accepted within the ranks of those who use Excel often. For those who classic menus play a key role in their workflow, this could be an easy way of regaining access to the preferred menu looks.

All in all, this add-in could prove to be a great choice for those who prefer the classic looks of the 2003 Excel versions in the newer packages. It will enable them to implement the aspect of the classic menus and yet still retain all the features present in the versions released after. Its straightforward deployment process and easy to use interface, make it ideal for novice users.