Those who have a long run using the capabilities of the Microsoft PowerPoint package and still prefer the look of the old, classic menu, found on the 2003 version, might seek for a way of including it in the newer versions. Classic Style Menus and Toolbars for PowerPoint 2007 is an add-in that was designed in order to implement the look and functionality of the classic menu in the versions released after.

After the straightforward installation process, one will be able to find the add-in in the Microsoft PowerPoint’s ribbon menu, right near the File menu. It will offer all the features, tools and menus normally provided in the standard installation of PowerPoint.

In terms of looks, the add-in successfully manages to simulate the appearance of the classic, old menu and it does so complete with fully functional features and tools. One will be able to either access each menu separately or from the same, dedicated dropdown menu that shelters all the menus.

Providing also two configuration modules, the add-in can be set to run on multiple user accounts and people will be able to disable / enable it with ease. Furthermore, the classic style menus can be also customized, by selecting the preferred “Classic Menus” tab position within PowerPoint’s interface.

The built-in tabs can be hidden selectively and one will therefore be able to achieve the desired configuration for the PowerPoint menu layout. Considering its swift deployment process and easy configuration, there’s no doubt that Classic Style Menus and Toolbars for PowerPoint 2007 might appeal to users quite quickly.

This add-in could be appreciated by users who wish to bring back the classic PowerPoint 2003 menu into their newer installations. It will offer them a seamless integration within PowerPoint and unhindered access to all the standard menus, with fully functional features. Boasting a straightforward installation process and easy setup, it will be embraced by novice and experienced users alike.