Ask anyone with even the most basic knowledge about computers, and he or she will tell you that deleting junk files is a fairly important process, albeit being extremely overlooked by most users.

The same can be said about Internet browsers, as whenever apps are run, websites are accessed, or files are downloaded, junk files will most likely follow. In the case of browsers, the most common types of junk files are Cache files, cookies, autofill forms, passwords, and lots of history data.

Even though they are generically called “junk” files, they are somewhat important as they help your browser load apps or websites a lot faster. However, the problem is that they can also slow down your browser to the point where it doesn't even load websites properly.

Even though Google Chrome makes it easy for most users to delete these files (by clicking the menu icon on the upper right corner, going to Tools, and selecting Clear Browsing Data), there’s a faster and arguably better way of accomplishing said task.

Meet Clear Cache for Chrome, a nifty little Chrome extension that allows you to delete ALL types of junk files directly from Chrome’s toolbar. It allows users to delete a wide array of junk files such as Cache files, cookies, autofill forms, passwords, app cache, plugin data, cache storage, history, downloads, local storage data, indexedDB, Web SQL data, file systems and even service workers.

In addition, it makes it remarkably simple to select the time range: either last minute, the last 5 minutes, last hour, last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 4 weeks, and “All time.” This extension is all about accessibility and improving your workflow, hence, note that you can open its GUI via the CTRL+A key combo and a quick clean can be performed simply pressing Enter afterward.

There are also various customization options, as the extension allows users to add or remove various time range options, cleaning options, and choose between two nice GUI themes (Dark and Light).

All in all, while all not revolutionary in any pragmatic way, Clear Cache for Chrome works exactly as intended as should prove as a great addition to anyone’s collection of extensions. It offers a bit more flexibility and a lot more convenience when it comes to quickly deleting junk files from your Chrome browser.