When you want to print an HTML document, but there are too many dark backgrounds and images should not be printed together.

Do you think you have to locate and clear all these tags manually? Oh, no, you needn't. Our software will help you out, and delete all these selected tags automatically.

Here are some key features of "Clear HTML Tags":



· clear tag of ,

· clear tags' properties such as class, title, OnMouseOver


· Processor: Intel Pentium 133 MHz or above

· Memory: 128 MB (256 MB recommended)

· Free Drive Space: 2 MB for installing software, and 2 MB for data

· Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, windows 2000, Windows 95/98 or Windows NT Workstation 4.0 or NT Server 4.0

· Display: VGA color monitor 800x600

· Pointing Device: Mouse or similar pointing device

· Network Adapter: Network card configured with an IP address and connected to the network, Modem or ISDN NT+TA.


· 30 Days Trial