Click4Time eScheduling provides you with an online platform for scheduling appointments for your business services with lots of included details for each and every entry.

First things first, Click4Time eScheduling is a cloud service, meaning that you need a permanent Internet connection in order to benefit from the functions of this particular piece of software. Nothing is deployed to your computer unless you choose to export some reports.

With the help of this application, you can quickly as well as easily start a better management of your business calendar by coordinating it from another level with many tools at your disposal. You can choose to accept payments at the time of booking or force partial or full payments, in case you are interacting with a frequent no-show and force a pay in advance the next time they book an appointment.

Moreover, the agent commission system built in for salespeople or service providers aids you sell your services or for the convenience of concierge services booking appointments for their guests. Another important aspect resides in the convenient ‘book now’ buttons for your website as well as the built-in QR Code generator to drive traffic to your booking page.

You can also rapidly and effortlessly moderate client testimonials before they are published and ask for full reports for the system to analyze and track usage and billing. The client referral tracking and reporting alongside the accessible via mobile devices or waitlist feature are also very important matters to take into account.

The bottom line with Click4Time eScheduling is that you can trust it to help you improve your business by setting up a friendly environment suitable for any kind of job that requires scheduling. With Click4Time eScheduling, you can now up your game as long as your Internet connection is on.