Click'n View is a comprehensive and intuitive program designed to provide a simple yet efficient method of browsing images and multimedia files, view, play and alter them using the built-in editing tools. It comes bundled with a file viewer and editor, GIF, PNG and webpage creator and 3D slideshow tool.

The app is wrapped in a feature-rich yet very cluttered interface that might confuse those who are using it for the first time and which would have been as efficient as now with less unnecessary icons. It's divided into a file tree structure on the left side of the panel, a thumbnail viewer and an individual image previewer. At the bottom, the program displays the most commonly used commands and a function to switch between folder and album.

Depending on which method is more convenient, you can either use the tree to browse for particular pictures and folders, import from the drive or create a new collection using a directory. It automatically loads all the items in a default album, which, unfortunately, can't be renamed. Click'n View supports most popular formats for both images and clips, however, Quick Time needs to be present on the computer for the songs to be played.

Another useful feature is the editor that lets you crop a photo to various dimensions, correct the contrast, brightness and saturation, as well as adjust the RBG levels. You can apply a few effects, such as blur, solarize, invert, emboss and trace, as well as rotate it to different angles and flip it vertical and horizontal.

Plus, it also comes with a Flash, GIF and PNG creator, which transforms still images into animated ones by altering their attributes and applying transparent backgrounds. What's more, you can create HTML albums by choosing the desired design template (standard, manual, framed), setting the number of columns and rows, the color them, along with generating an AVI video from the selected items.

Other worth mentioning features are resize and convert, capture the screen, find duplicated files, add image comment, smart copy and compare and advanced options, which you can configure to best suit your tastes.

Taking everything into account, despite its cluttered layout, Click'n View is a reliable and user-friendly utility that comes in handy for everyone who wants a complete suite of tools to view and edit pictures, create animated GIFs, Flash and AVI clips, and HTML albums.