ClickOnceMore is an intuitive and simple to use environment for developing and deploying ClickOnce applications. The program features a comprehensive interface, which allows you to cover each step of application development, as well as validate it before deploying it to your computer.

ClickOnceMore is a reliable assistant in building any ClickOnce application, since it offers you complete control over your manifests. You can easily integrate ClickOnce manifests into the application development.

The program allows you to define inclusion rules, in order to integrate manifests into the deployment process. You can quickly define general rules or make them as specific as you need them to be.

For example, you may name the exact files your application requires and list them in the dedicated space. For example, you can specify the .EXE entry point, the icon and the configuration file, along with the rules.

ClickOnceMore allows you to set certain options, in order to make your application available to users both online and offline, as well as specify the files/URLs required for the installation.

You can enable the signing of ClickOnce manifests, in which case you need to provide a certificate file, password and timestamp URL. This step allows can raise the trust of new users who are interested in your application.

ClickOnceMore can automatically generate the names of the manifest files, as well as allow you to specify custom ones. Similarly, you may enable ClickOnce automatic updates and schedule the update checker. You may also define macro schemes and macro values, by entering the source code.

ClickOnceMore allows you to set the application’s Trust Levels, by selecting one of the available options: full trust, local Intranet, Internet or custom. You may also insert the minimal requirements in each manifest. Before deploying the ClickOnce application, you may validate the installer, using the command in the Project menu.