The copy and paste function is one of the most commonly used actions, being able to expand the function and do more with it is obviously useful. Clipboard Printer is an application that allows users to copy multiple elements to the clipboard and print them directly from the clipboard.

Clipboard Printer is displayed on the desktop as a small bar with four buttons on it, they allow users to manage their clipboard and also print its contents. However, it is not immediately apparent which icon does what, the tooltips only appear after a button has been pressed and even then not regularly.

The View option creates a second window that enables users to browse the entire clipboard, each one displayed in its own window. Users can edit and analyze them individually, Clipboard Printer doesn't allow for a quick way to search between them other than scrolling via arrows. A menu that displayed the entire clipboard would make it easier to navigate.

The application does have a price attached to it that might discourage some users from the program. However, clipboard does have some useful features that serve to expand the clipboard into an even more useful tool. There is no limit to how many items Clipboard Printer can store, the ability to save the clipboard without the use of any other application to paste items onto is extremely useful.

Each individually item can be printed directly from the application as well, a small window displays each one with various print layout options. Clipboard Printer doesn't include any text editing capability which does limit it slightly, the program would be more useful if users could edit items within the clipboard.

Overall, the application is useful: for those who work with multiple documents and are always copying and pasting, there are clear advantages with Clipboard Printer. However, for those who rarely use it, the slightly difficult interface along with the lack of an efficient design might prove to be too tedious. All in all, Clipboard Printer is a useful, if slightly flawed application.