Clipà.Vu Clipboard Manager is a comprehensive and efficient piece of software that was developed to extend the functionality of the Windows clipboard, by allowing you to keep a history of all the items you have copied and reuse them again, later on.

The application features an appealing and easy to understand user interface, making it both simple to handle by less experienced users, but also sufficiently complex to satisfy the requirements of the more advanced ones.

The main window of Clipà.Vu Clipboard Manager displays all recently copied items and allows you to filter them based on their type, enabling you to locate the entry you need more easily in the ‘History’.

Getting started requires you to begin copying the bits of information that you work with on a regular basis, not only pieces of text, but also images, email addresses, URL links, timestamps, and others, with the possibility to add the most important of them to your Favorites (support for up to 1000 favorites). It features a capacity of 10.000 clips, so you can store everything you want, just a few clicks away.

To copy an entry from Clipà.Vu Clipboard Manager’s main window to your own clipboard, you can double-click it, click on it and press the number on your keyboard corresponding to the item or use the CTRL key as well, to paste the clip in the target window. Other shortcuts allow you to navigate the ‘History’ more easily, or show and hide the utility.

Moreover, the application enables you to pin certain entries to their location, so you can always find them there, when you need them. Clipà.Vu Clipboard Manager supports creating and storing in your clipboard date and time stamps. Clips can be previewed in a dedicated window, prior to pasting them, as well as edited or removed altogether.

There's also a very handy, optional Cloud Sync feature that should make life with Clipà.Vu Clipboard Manager a bit easier. Choose to enable it, and you can have all your clips synced across all your PCs or mobile devices. One other worth mentioning advantage is the fact that your data will be automatically backed up which means that once you install the utility on a new device, you data will be pre-loaded with the least amount of effort.

Other neat features include smart hotkeys, clip nicknaming and pinning, and powerful filtering options. Privacy is something that's not overlooked, as well. For starters, all your data is encrypted and, what's more, you are also provided with the option to add data-sensitive apps to a Blacklist section, thus ensuring that the app does not collect any data from the apps such password managers, for instance.

In conclusion, Clipà.Vu Clipboard Manager is a practical and reliable program that aims to save you time and effort when working on the computer, helping you keep handy numerous bits of text, images or other useful data, thus sparing you from having to switch between documents or windows, whenever you happen to need a piece of information.