We humans have always had a knack for building majestic buildings that reach for the Heavens. We started off with pyramids and castles, and today we break record after record with evergrowing skyscrapers. Despite evolving so fast, we always remained fascinated by the old and beautiful.

Clock Tower 3D Screensaver reminds us of that weakness that we have while delighting our eyes with a wonderful piece of history

Calling this screensaver a simple tool to keep your desktop from getting dead pixels is a severe understatement, as the developers managed to take the 3D models to the rank or artwork.

The Gothic-like architecture coupled with the textured that give off a battered-like feel to the bricks, as well as the surrounding buildings make you believe you are in the old part of a European town.

There to back up the visuals are the great audio tracks that accompany them. The environmental noises and light tunes make you think you are in a busy plaza, way back in the XVIIIth century.

Just like the clock tower it depicts, the app has aged very well. The textures are good, and the few rounded shapes show little signs of blockiness.

The atmosphere can be further customized through the "Settings" menu, with options such as adjustable sound volumes, and texture quality being at your disposal. For those running multi-monitor systems, you even have an option to display the screensaver on all of your monitors at once.

To make sure you never waste too much time admiring the clocktower, please remember that it shows the actual time, so this app is not only about looks, but also about function.

Clock Tower 3D Screensaver impresses with stunning visuals and audio track that transports you to that location, making it an app that is worth having in any collection.