Clockify Time Tracker is a plug-in that will help you track online activity more efficiently. It can register the time spent anywhere on the web, and it stores the data and associates it with different projects, tags, and pre-defined workspaces.

Clockify Time Tracker is the free, open-source extension for Google Chrome. The cross-platform Clockify service offers plenty of other features and options. To find out more about this time management service and the desktop tool, check this resource.

The plug-in has a lot of creative ways for tracking browsing time. It first needs permission to read and change your browser data. By giving Clockify Time Tracker access to this information, you help it improve tracking and reporting. The extension attempts to read the data on websites you visit so it can extract each task's name and the description for the timer. Then, all logs are stored in your dashboard, sorted by time, date, and name.

The extension is super-flexible. You can define your workspaces, projects, add individual descriptions and tags for each time interval, set reminders, or automate the timers. All the time tracking entries can be started/stopped using a keyboard shortcut — Ctrl+Shift+U. Moreover, you can select any web page's text, right-click it, and use it as a description for your time tracking session.

Another benefit of Clockify Time Tracker is the online dashboard that stores all your time records and logs. This is a free space where your data is kept and organized in comprehensive reports. Besides that, the service generates charts and detailed summaries, so you can get insights about your work patterns and flow. In the settings section, you can customize your extension's behavior, appearance, and compatibility with other websites.

Using Clockify Time Tracker, you will become more accountable and aware of your time usage. The smart extension has a lot of features and options to help you, discreetly and efficiently, track, measure, and improve your work's quality. If Chrome is your go-to browser and you are looking for a good time tracker, Clockify Time Tracker is an excellent choice.