Having to deal with vast numbers of tabs in our browsers has long been an annoying problem for most of us. And, happily, there are multiple good tools (mostly in the forms of browser extensions) which can single-handedly make managing large numbers of tabs seem like a walk in the park rather than a pain.

If your weapon of choice of daily or office browsing is Google Chrome, then you might want to check out a neat, little extension called CloseMyTabs. As its name suggests, it’s designed to help you close many browser tabs in a convenient and efficient manner.

If up until now it does not sound all that impressive, it should be noted that CloseMyTabs has one unique feature that makes it stand out from other similar tools, namely its ability to help you close tabs based on the last accessed time.

This means that you can close specific tabs based on their last active state and, better yet, you can also adjust the duration in question according to your needs in half hour increments. At its core, CloseMyTabs may be a simple extension with a straightforward GUI, but it has a lot of features built in.

For example, it allows you to easily navigate through all the opened tabs, locate distinct tabs using the search bar, ignore specific tabs, and close them as you wish. There’s also a big CLOSE ALL button on the extension’s GUI which is sure to make life easier in case you quickly want to end a browsing session with dozens of opened tabs in your main browser window.

To conclude, even though CloseMyTabs does not have a general utility like most typical tab managers, that does not make it a lot less of an efficient extension. It will surely come in handy for users who work with large numbers of tabs and require a quick way to close and manage them based on their last access time.