Securing your computer is a major concern, especially if your work implies handling sensitive information. Although you can rely on traditional methods, such as setting a global access password, encrypting your file might prove to be more efficient, since it relies on several protection layers.

One of the applications that might prove useful in the above situation is CloudShield EncryptSync. Note that this application requires .NET Framework to function properly.

This application does not require installation, it does not tamper with Windows' registry entries nor does it create additional folders or files, since it is portable. Its smooth design and neatly organized functions allow you to understand and make use of its functions with minimal efforts.

However, due to its simplicity, it does not provide you with any form of integrated help manual or user guide.

You can rely on this program if you need a convenient way to protect your documents. After specifying the desired folder, you need to define a password, so that the utility can secure your items.

CloudShield EncryptSync helps you encrypt your files using an AES-256 algorithm and allows you to upload them to a cloud storage of your choice. Alternatively, you can opt for local storage by selecting a directory on your computer as the destination path.

This application allows you to set your desired parameters regarding CPU and disk usage percentages so that it does not interfere with other important active processes.

Additionally, instead of typing a password, it is possible to create an encryption key file on your computer and use it to lock and unlock documents. However, note that losing the key-file renders your documents unusable, as there is no other way of decrypting them.

To sum it up, CloudShield EncryptSync is a handy application that allows you to encrypt files on your computer and upload them on a cloud storage of your choice. It comes with a smooth user interface, intuitive functions, but it does not feature any form of local help documentation.