CLOX WebMaster is based on the immensely popular world time package CLOX 2000. It was used to create the row of clocks you will see below. The clocks work with practically any kind of web browser, old or new because CLOX WebMaster simply generates pure, highly compatible HTML which can be put into just about any web page to track your choice of different time zones.

No javascript or similar browser unfriendly techniques are used. Turn off your browser's javascript or look at this page in the oldest, most basic web browser you can find and you'll see what this means.

A desktop version (CLOX WebMaster 1.1) will run on any 32 bit Windows machine which is connected to a web server (either directly or using CLOX WebMaster 1.1's built-in FTP facility). The second method is called CLOX WebMaster 'ASC' (alias CLOX WebMaster 3).

This is an Active Server Component designed to be used in conjunction with web servers capable of running Active Server Pages (ASP).