Cluster is a window and tab organizer that takes online browsing to another level. It offers features you did not know you needed. It installs within seconds and is super simple to start using. Because it offers both a normal and a dark theme, you could easily adapt and integrate it in your browser, no matter your preferences.

Firstly, it does what it promises: takes all the windows you have opened and indexes those into a list that contains the correspondent tabs you opened in each window; also, it allows you to search and filter the many pages you have in your list, using live search filtering and domain keywords.

Secondly, it saves the list containing the name and the address of each page for later usage. It allows you to move them using the drag and drop function and has built-in keyboard navigation shortcuts. Additionally, the tool is suitable for large screens as you can enable the multiple columns display for a better overview of your windows and tabs.

You probably never thought you need some of the things Cluster can offer: you can suspend tabs while keeping them active and unsuspend/reload them with a simple click when you need to access them. Moreover, all your saved addresses can now be stored in the Cloud, meaning the extension can be synchronized with other devices (to further access and use the open windows and tabs).

Another cool feature is the quick sort that helps sort the tabs in three ways: ascending, descending, by domain groups. One of the most interesting and helpful features is the possibility to export (and import!) all your saved addresses in CSV, respectively, JSON formats.

To conclude, Cluster is an excellent choice that will make your life easier and help you deliver more optimized, qualitative results in your field of work. A small-packed extension with a simple, fast, and super functional interface, that will easily mingle into any ecosystem.