If you are looking for a way to leap up the career ladder, then one of the aspect to account for is having a business card. Not only does it enable you to make an overall good and professional impression, but it can also set you apart and improve networking opportunities.

COBRA Business Card Designer is a utility designed to help you create business cards in a matter of minutes using templates or graphic elements you designed yourself.

The program comes with an outdated UI that consists of an unpolished main window. Even though it is intuitive, the main window could use some optimization as it feels and looks rather sluggish. In addition, upon launch it does not reveal all functions and could leave the impression that it is a very limited tool.

Then again, once you resize the application, you can view the various customization options that you have at your disposal to create your business card.

The idea behind the program is to provide you with a flexible environment where you can design your business card in just a couple of minutes. You can either use the default templates for this purpose, a feature that could come in handy if you do not have too much experience in this sense.

Then again, if you are interested in standing out when applying for a job, then perhaps you should consider creating a card using the default elements and the customization tools. Speaking of utensils, the app allows you to alter the objects' order along with their position, size, shadow. Moreover, you can specify the card's style, height, size and set margin parameters from the Configuration window.

On a side note, the app allows you to preview your project and you can print it directly, if you are satisfied with your work. Alternatively, you can save it and use it as a template for other projects.

If you are looking for a solution that enables you to create a business card fast and without too much hassle, then COBRA Business Card Designer might be worth a try.