If you ever locked an archive file to prevent its contents from falling into the wrong hands, you might've experienced forgetting the password you used for encryption.

In this case, you can focus really hard on remembering it or you can turn to third-party software solutions such as Cocosenor RAR Password Tuner that can help you recover it without any active efforts.

You can turn to this application if you need to recover the contents of password-protected RAR files on your computer and can't remember the passkeys that have been used to encrypt them.

Since it features support for multiple attack types, you can freely choose from the combo menu the one that suits your situation best. The menu includes Brute-Force, Dictionary, Mask and Smart modes.

Depending on which attack mode you went with, Cocosenor RAR Password Tuner lets you configure a bunch of parameters. For instance, you can toggle upper or lowercase characters, digits, special symbols, spaces and printable characters for brute-forcing.

Naturally, if options are not compatible with your attack type choice, they will be unavailable. Among the adjustments that can be made, you can find password length, dictionary file, smart mutations, OEM encoding, auto-saving every few minutes, priority settings, tray minimization and logging.

Visually-wise, this application doesn't stand out among other similar ones, as it sports a plain user interface that packs simple, intuitive controls.

Traditional menus blend with toolbar buttons and tabbed categories so that you can access its functions in more than just a way and navigate through its sections without breaking a sweat.

All things considered, Cocosenor RAR Password Tuner can be a trustworthy asset if you need to decrypt a password-protected RAR file from your computer. It comes with a simplistic interface, packs intuitive controls and supports multiple attack modes, which makes it highly efficient and still accessible to a large number of users.