Many companies can benefit from a label printing solution, but complex graphic design applications are often very difficult to set up and require extensive training before they can be used effectively.

Code Finix Label Designer, on the other hand, is a specialized program that be used even by complete novices, as it features a streamlined interface and an intuitive layout. It enables you to design and print labels for various purposes, and it even supports database connections.

No installation procedure is required, as the application consists of a single executable file that can be run from any location. As a result, it is very easy to set up, so you will not need to waste time performing complex configurations.

Additionally, Code Finix Label Designer can be linked to Microsoft Excel or SQL Server databases through ADO and ODBC, making it possible to print label data from external sources.

Perhaps the best thing about Code Finix Label Designer is that even inexperienced users can begin creating and printing labels in minutes. The application is remarkably intuitive, and the user interface has a simple, clean layout.

When starting a new project, you can select one of the available templates, and then begin adding content. It is possible to import images, insert various shapes and create freehand drawings, as well as add text boxes and barcodes.

Code Finix Label Designer supports a wide range or specialized printers, such as Zebra, CAB, Intermec, Datamax, Printronix, Sato and Oneil.

Of course, you can also arrange the labels in a custom layout and print them using a general-purpose device.

In conclusion, Code Finix Label Designer is a reliable software utility that enables you to design and print labels for various purposes. It is very easy to use and offers a number of handy features, while also providing support for external database connections.