Code Snippet is a reliable software that enables you to create snippets and store them in a structured environment, for easy access. The software enables you to sort snippets by name and category, but also according to the programming language used to create them.

A snippet is a source code fragment that defines a function or a rule, for instance, that you can use in a development program. The snippet is usually a small function that you use often, which is why it is more facile to paste it in the text editor instead of typing it again.

Code Snippet allows you to store such source code fragments, in a structured way, in a simple storage environment, with easy access. You may organize the snippets by their name, the category they fit in or the programming language you used to write them. While the software is a reliable solution for storing snippets, it does not offer support for compiling the code.

Code Snippet supports multiple programming languages and allows you to add several of them to the storage list. Moreover, it can help you improve your work efficiency by storing solutions to coding issues in easily accessible locations. Thus, it allows you to implement common or often used tasks with a few mouse clicks.

The software can store all the snippets you create in one quick reference location. You may organize the code fragments by language, category and name. Additionally, you may add a synopsis, a short message associated to the title, for a simpler search.

With Code Snippet, all you need to do is identify the snippet that fits your script, copy it from its location and paste it into the source code text editor. It is a useful solution to improving your work efficiency, since you do not need to spend time remembering the exact syntax or to type it each time you need to implement it.