It does not require additional hardware, you do not have to worry about licensing and the fact that you do need to migrate whenever a new version is released are some of the reasons why the Microsoft Exchange Server platform is one of the most widely spread corporate email systems nowadays.

Then again, if you are thinking of upgrading your email client to a newer version or perhaps you want to move users to a new forest, then you might need to do start looking for a solution that enables cross-domain and cross-forest migrations.

CodeTwo Exchange Migration is a comprehensive platform designed for network administrators who want to make sure the scheduled upgrade or migration goes fast and smooth. Not only can the utility be installed on the source server domain directly or any workstation available, but it does not entail further configuration such as installing agents or reconfiguring the connectors, for instance.

The obvious advantage of migrating using this platform is that you only need one administrator to supervise the entire process, so it means that rest of the team can continue doing their routine tasks. Thanks to the intuitive and simple interface, you can create various jobs, set up the server permissions, establish the EWS connection and determine the mailbox priorities all by yourself.

It is necessary to mention that the platform is highly scalable and therefore, allows you to migrate more than 10,000 mailboxes along with items of any size without too much hassle. To put it simply, you can migrate contacts, emails, tasks, notes, calendars, templates, journals and thousands of mailboxes without too many hassles.