CoffeeCup Web Calendar is a useful piece of software designed from the ground up to help you create and publish rather nice-looking JavaScript, HTML and CSS-powered calendars for your website.

You can get this application up and running in mere seconds and without much effort on your behalf, thanks to a typical, wizard-based installer. Once launched, it instantly becomes apparent that this is an application built with ease of use in mind.

Sure, it's so straightforward that you can even use this app as a run of the mill desktop event planner, with little to no regard of its other useful features.

That said, if you have ever worked with other calendar apps, then it should be business as usual with this app. Double click any "day, " and you can easily add new all-day, recurring or one-time events. Of course, it also comes with support for multiple calendars, and it also provides you with the option to save projects and export calendars.

Other noteworthy features include the possibility to preview your calendars and to include various themes to make them as suitable as possible for the overall looks of your website. Once you're done, head to over to the Calendar menu, and select the "Get Code..." option.

As expected, you can easily copy and paste the code to add your calendar to almost any webpage, or you can let yourself be guided by the 5-step Server Profile Wizard to setup a server connection and load the calendar with just two or three clicks.

Taking everything into account, CoffeeCup Web Calendar is a fairly decent app all-round. It's not exactly impressive, but it's easy to install and to get to grips with, and it does its job rather well as it provides you with intuitive tools and a distraction-free environment for creating calendars and for publishing them to websites with just a few mouse clicks.