Not so long ago, popular web browsers were equipped with features to turn website into desktop apps. However, this feature has been abandoned, leaving you stuck with the regular browser and navigation method. On the bright side of things, Coherence is a program which aims to bring back this feature.

It takes little time to deploy the application on your computer and you can launch it right afterwards. The interface is clean and intuitive, with several requirement fields to fill in. Effort on your behalf mostly narrows down to choosing the web page you want to turn into a desktop application.

Before everything can work like a charm, you need to know that Google Chrome is a mandatory requirement, because some of its functions are used to build the actual desktop app. This is because the core technology behind Coherence is what made it possible to do the same in Google Chrome some time back.

Needless to say that one of the main requirements is the target URL. More than this, you need to provide a name for the new application for easy identification, as well as an icon. You can manually upload an icon file from your computer, or let the application attempt to download it from the web, which is usually a successful case.

You can pay a visit to the settings panel if you want to manually specify the location of Google Chrome on your computer, as well as the location to save the new apps. Note that the new apps aren’t fitted with anything other than a window frame, so navigation needs to be done through the context menu functions or associated hotkey commands.

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Coherence is a reliable application which can save up a lot of system resources, especially if you’re interested in performing research on a text-based page for which you don’t have to open up a resource-hungry web browser. Navigation is also possible in new apps, making this program worth your while overall.