Coin Collector is a software application that was built in order to aid people passionate about coins in adding and managing information about their prized possessions.

The installation process is over in a few seconds and does not bring any kind surprises, while the interface you are brought to is organized in a neatly fashion and it is easy to handle. It is comprised of several tabs which ensure a quick navigation through all available options, as well as several buttons, a menu bar and multiple boxes.

When considering all this, it becomes clear that it is accessible to both beginners and experienced people.

There are several types of coins that are already inserted in the program, such as 1, 10, 25 and 50 centers. However, you should know it is possible customize all information, from name of coin to date, size, material, grade, estimated value, buy price and location, or just add new coins to the database.

Photos of the coins can be added from the hard drive or network, with help of a file browser, in GIF, JPG, BMP and ICO formats.

Entries can be copied, deleted or duplicated, you can undo actions, use a search function and view coin history and details, while all information can be imported or exported using CSV documents. Reports can be generated and printed, according to date, mint, material, location, category and weight and the list goes on.

To conclude, Coin Collector is a handy piece of software, dedicated to coin collectors. CPU and memory usage is minimal, the interface is simple-to-use and the response time is good. Nonetheless, an update could greatly benefit it.