If you accidentally deleted SMSes on your mobile phone, then it is best to act immediately to restore them. In case you did not know, recovering data from smartphone works in a similar manner as on computers, meaning that new data randomly writes over the deleted data blocks.

Cok SMS Recovery is a lightweight piece of software that allows you to restore messages that you have erased from your phone intentionally or by mistake.

First off, you should know that you need to retrieve the database that contains the SMS, as the application does not include a function that permits you to extract it. In the eventuality that you are using an Android smartphone, then you need to look and export the mmssms.db from the data folder on your phone. As a side note, unless you are using a dedicated utility for this purpose, you might have to root your Android to recover the messages.

Even though it is easier to access the sms.db file on iPhones, in case you do not have it readily available, then you need to create a backup using iTunes and then access the backup via iTools. Once you can view it in the Messages folder, you can export it to any location on your computer.

The program comes with a rugged, yet intuitive interface and straightforward functionality. After you open the SMS database specific for your phone, you can preview all messages that are stored in the file along with their content in the dedicated panel.

You can restore the deleted messages by accessing the Recover deleted SMS or by pressing the R key. Depending on the size of the database, the duration required to recover your data may vary. Once the operation ends, the utility presents you with a summary of the number of messages that have been restored.

You should bear in mind that the success of recovery depends on various factors, including the SMSes you received in the meantime, documents edited, photos taken, etc. The more new data you add, the less chances for a 100% recovery.

In the unfortunate event that you have deleted several important messages with passwords, addresses or other important data that you need, then you can try to recover it using Cok SMS Recovery.