If you use WhatsApp frequently and some of your messages got lost or accidentally removed from your phone, you probably want to recover them as soon and quickly as possible.

Doing so can be accomplished by turning to third-party software solutions such as Cok WhatsApp Recovery that can help you recover lost conversations in a couple of minutes.

This application can only recover WhatsApp messages from your iPhone or Android phone. However, each device comes with its specific requirements when it comes to extracting the conversations.

The Android device needs to be rooted beforehand so that you can browse to the Data directory and extract the "com.whatsapp" folder, since that's the one the program requires in order to access your messages. On the other hand, extracting data from your iPhone can be simply done by turning to additional software. iTunes is a must in this situation.

Cok WhatsApp Recovery can help you recover WhatsApp conversations from your phone quickly. If you meet the prerequisites mentioned above, you just need to provide the application with the "com.whatsapp" or "group.net.whatsapp.WhatsApp.shared" and "net.whatsapp.WhatsApp" folders, depending on your device.

After doing so, the program lets you browse the contents just as you would normally do if the messages were not lost at all. You can access conversations, see the most recent date, the amount of messages and user information.

After you are satisfied with the recovered content, you can export it to your computer by navigating to the File menu and choosing the Export function from the menu. Afterward, you can select only certain conversations or all of them and follow the on-screen instructions.

All things considered, Cok WhatsApp Recovery is a reliable tool that can help you recover lost WhatsApp messages from your phone and export them to your computer. You can recover content only from iPhones and Android phones.