If you happen to be an avid video game collector, you know that keeping track of all the purchased titles can prove to be quite the challenge. Information such as publisher names, developers, genres and cover images needs to be stored conveniently in an organized environment, so that it can be easily found when you need it.

Collectorz.com Game Collector allows you to catalog video games by adding them to a database system, along with a wide array of details automatically downloaded from the Internet. To add an entry, you can simply enter the product's bar code or its title and the application scours the Web in search of the product.

The sorting ability comes in handy when your collection gets large and hard-to-follow, enabling you to order your video games by their title, platform or genre.

Whether you loan an item from the game store, or give one to a friend, Collectorz.com Game Collector allows you to keep an eye on the return dates and view a list with the persons to whom you gave them.

The application comes with an automatic notification system that warns you about overdue items every time it starts up.

If you are curious how many of your games are for PlayStation 3, or what percentage of your catalog falls into the FPS genre, you can view comprehensive bar charts and pie charts based on your collection.

Part of increasing the size of your library is the acquisition of new games, but since you cannot always afford to do so, it might come in handy to create a wish list with the items you most desire and keep track of their prices for future reference.

Although this day and age video games are mostly released in digital form, there are those who still own and buy hard copies of their favorite titles and need a place to store the information.

The fact that Collectorz.com Game Collector uses the Internet to keep your collection updated and properly organized makes it a good choice for staying on top of your hobby.