Photo Collector is an easy to use picture catalog manager that offers you tools for image organizing and digital picture album creating. You can store and easily arrange the photos you take, by location, subject, year or photographer.

You can create digital photo albums as databases, that automatically sort the images by the year they were taken. You can upload your photos from a local folder or straight from your camera and update or replace items in your photo album.

The program supports multiple albums as well as many databases, that you can save to your computer. You can easily view your photos as thumbnails or double click them to prompt a new dialog window displaying the photo in best fit size or in full screen. Also, you can set any photo as desktop background with one click.

With every new entry, you can choose to extract EXIF information or IPTC data about the image or about the camera. Photo Collector features an integrated explorer function that facilitates your access to the folders and files. Another important tool is the powerful searching engine, that supports mutliple types of filters. In fact, every piece of information in the photo tag can be a searching criteria.

Based on the EXIF data, you can create and edit photo tags that contain detailed information about the image itself but also about the place where it was taken, the year and of course memos. The properties editor includes the common fields like subject, category and photographer, but also notes and key words, as well as professional details, like camera type, lens, filer or exposure.

Not only can Photo Collector store and sort your photos, but it also offers you the possibility of finding a certain image instantly, thanks to the powerful searching function.

Additionally, it offers resizing, rotating and color adjusting tools, for minor photo enhancements. The software also enables you to create dynamic photo slide shows, to prepare your photos for printing and generate thumbnails. Photo Collector is a useful application for picture organizing and sorting by year, location or subject. Moreover, it allows you to keep a vast number of photos in an album where they can be easily accessed.