CollectyCut gives you a simple, convenient and smart software for people who regularly have to study and process large amounts of heterogeneous text information.

When reading a blog or article we often encounter an interesting idea worth thinking of, or a link to seemingly useful information, but, alas, we don't have time to deal with them now. We write this thought to a sheet of paper, save it to a special IDEAS file, or stick to the display.

However, later we find out that the sheet was thrown away by the office-cleaner, the sticker fell off the monitor a year ago and the IDEAS file is overfilled with ideas so it is impossible to find links to the topic we are interested in _now_.

To solve these problems, we have developed CollectyCut.

When is CollectyCut useful?

■ Gleaning information

■ Preparing news, analyzing and developing a specific topic

■ Encountering important information when browsing Internet

■ Encountering an interesting point of view, fact or aphorism in a blog, board or e-mail message.

■ Searching for information on the topic To find information stored earlier, just drag the necessary tag to the search area.

Who needs CollectyCut?

■ Bloggers

■ Journalists

■ Analysts

■ Copywriters

■ And everyone who spends much time in the net, boards or blogs.

Here are some key features of "CollectyCut":

■ Easily add quotes

■ Easily tag quotes

■ Easily search for quotes

■ Export html

■ Unicode support

■ Good-looking quote display


■ 333 MHz processor (600 MHz recommended)

■ 64 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended)

■ 7MB of free hard disk space

■ Administrator Privileges