In terms of design, computer applications give you a better glimpse of what the final product looks like. Color Style is a utility that gives you the possibility to modify colors for buildings of any type as well as interiors, in case you decide to refresh the looks of your home.

The application gives you the possibility to experiment with different colors on specific parts of an imported picture. This merely represents a photo taken of a building or interior, with related contend being filled with one of the available presents or a custom one.

When you consider the right color is selected a simple click fills up a specific area, such as walls, roofs or window and door frames. An integrated tool gives you the possibility to modify any area or create your own, for more diverse design options.

A side panel represents your main pallet of colors, which are organized in sets. There is a breathtaking amount of content, and to even expand the possibilities you are able to add your own. You can choose to display every color in all of the available sets, but unless you make use of the search field, it gets pretty hard to find just the right tone.

Unfortunately, available painting options are only organized in sets, with no integrated function that allows to pick colors more easily. However, it leads to a better organizing method because you can later on search for just the right tone by the given name label.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Color Style makes design a little more accessible, by combining variety of options with complexity. Taking a little time to get to know the application leaves you experimenting with different models and colors until the perfect match is found.