Book writers usually lay down their thoughts and ideas on individual pages, which later get put together in order to reveal their entire work. Of course, this process is not reserved only for authors and can be employed by any user who needs to jot down stuff and combine the information later. Combine Word Documents 4dots, as the name implies, is a tool that combines Word documents (DOC, DOCX) as well as RTF and TXT.

Combine Word Documents 4dots has a very basic course. Load whatever documents you need gluing together, check a couple of boxes and start merging the lot. Adding files is very simple to do — you either use the quick drag and drop function or employ the Add Files command at the start of the toolbar.

Below where the items are listed you'll find a small group of checkboxes providing features like keeping the original format for each item, copying headers and footers to the output files, resetting numbering for each page according to what was merged, and replacing the NUMPAGES filed with the SECTIONPAGES one.

Despite being able to freely load any files in, when starting the merging process, the app will inform you about its dependency on MS Word. When the combining starts, MS Word will be launched and closed during the whole conversion. However, if you have DOC or DOCX on your hands, there's a frail chance to not have the Word installed, but if you don't, the app cannot really help you.

Combine Word Documents 4dots is a lightweight documents merger that accepts the four most important document formats — DOC, DOCX , RTF, and TXT. It also requires one to have MS Word installed for completing the merging process. As for how difficult the app is, well, as long as you are familiarized with formatting, headers, page numbering, and such, you'll have no issues operating it.