Regardless of your proofreading skills, there are still numerous things that you can overlook, particularly if you are tired and you are reviewing your own documents. Considering the amount of focus you need to put into this task, you might be looking for a solution that can take some of the load off.

Comma is an application that enables you to add and remove commas from your documents based on the grammar rules that you need to abide by in your documents.

The application is simple and straightforward as it entails following a few generic steps that you probably familiar with by now. The program comes with a minimalistic, yet organized GUI that consists of two panels. While you can preview the document your load or text you copy in the upper section, the lower panel displays the revised content.

You should know that the tool allows you to change the font of the text to a style and size that you find comfortable or convenient. In addition, it comes with an English dictionary, a feature that is convenient and that can reduce the time you need to check the spelling or certain words, for instance.

As previously mentioned, the idea behind the program is to lend you a hand with formatting documents by adding commas in the right places. Therefore, you can add commas between nouns, numerals or adjectives or before interjections and quotes up in an entire document with just one click.

It is important to note that the app asks you if your document abides by a special rule and does not commas automatically. It would have been nice if the utility included a separate settings window that featured all rules, so you can read and mark the ones that are relevant for your text.

Moreover, the app could have used some help tool that provides a few details about the grammar rules, so you know whether it applies in your case.

While it could use a better settings window, Comma could provide you with valuable help when you need to format numerous documents.