Most people use eBay because because it is safe and user-friendly. Some small drawbacks might be the fact that you have to keep logging out if you want to manage more accounts or browser-related compatibility issues.

comosale is a software solution to some of these problems, because it helps you manage one or more eBay accounts. You need to have a steady Internet connection, .Net Framework and Internet Explorer installed on your computer in order to run the application. You also need at least an eBay account, as well as a comocom account.

The program links with one or more eBay accounts, then allows you to change some contact details, along with every webpage of your products. You can customize each template webpage of your products, in order to make it look more professional and eye-catching.

Furthermore, the application offers you precise product placement, as you ca browse various main categories, such as arts or crafts, then place your product auction in one of the subcategories that better fits your merchandise.

Photos of your products can be added, along with a small description, so that any possible customer will have a clear view of what he is buying. Depending on your merchandise and preferences, you can either set a fixed price or an auction, the latter giving you the possibility to earn more money if your product is wanted by customers.

The application displays a list with all the product templates created, allowing you to follow up with any changes in product sale. You can easily check if a customer offered a higher bid on your product any time.

Besides product placement, the program offers you flexible features for messaging and feedback. You can rate other users and they can rate you accordingly.

comosale allows you to easily manage your eBay accounts, offering you some advanced features, such as customized product webpage or advanced feedback options, that could give you some advantages when merchandising your products.