We can all agree that mathematics is all about knowing how to approach problems and knowing where to look in order to find a solution. This, however, means that having at your disposal handy tools is of critical importance in order to automate tasks that don’t require human intervention.

Compact Scientific Calculator 36 is one such tool that should really come in handy if you are a professional who wants to do advanced calculations in the blink of an eye. Catering to the needs of students, teachers, scientists, and engineers, the program sports an approachable user interface that should feel familiar if you have previously used any other similar product.

As for how the calculator works, you simply need to add your input comprised of the formula you intend to inspect, then analyze the results in real time.

What users may also want to know is that enabling a scientific mode is possible, as is the case of grouping digits, provided that you turn to the “DialogOptions” tab. Another aspect worth mentioning is that the application lets you resort to 10 variables in order to store frequently used numbers.

Regardless of the types of calculations you perform, it is worth pointing out that the “History” tab logs them all so that you can subsequently take a look at them.