Nowadays, with the vast variety of email services and apps out there, it is only natural that, from time to time, you would want to synchronize information to and from another.

This is where applications like CompanionLink surely come in handy. This particular version is called CompanionLink for / Windows Live and, as its name clearly suggests, it helps you transfer contacts, calendar events, tasks and notes from online services such as and Windows Live to your computer or even smartphone.

You can get started with this app quite easily since in undergoes a streamlined installation process. After the installation is completed and upon first launching the app, you are met by the app's compact and minimalist main window.

Evidently, in order to fully benefit from the application, you are required to find your way towards the Settings section and, using your official credentials, log in to various email services that are of interest to you.

Therefore, probably the most relevant thing you need to know about this app is the fact it can help you sync information from your Google account, Microsoft Outlook and Palm Desktop to or Windows Live, Office 365 and mobile devices running Windows Phone 7.

Once you have correctly configured the app, the complete sync or transfer process is reduced to just a few mouse clicks.

Taking everything into consideration, CompanionLink for / Windows Live is an intuitive, unobtrusive and highly efficient application that can help you transfer names, addresses, emails, calendar events, tasks and notes from your email accounts to your computer or phone.