concat! is an application designed to help you merge together any number of files by using concatenation.

This means that you can load multiple text based files and place their content side by side in a logical order, making one large fluent document. With concat! you are able to merge text, C# .NET, VB .NET and SQL files in a few simple steps.

concat! displays a user-friendly interface that is separated into three sections, ‘File Manifest List View’, ‘Detail List View’ and ‘File Preview & Messages’. To concatenate files you first need to create a project, add the file manifest, choose the source files and then with a click of a button, it’s done.

When using concat!, projects are groups of table and file manifests and solutions are represented by groups of projects. The application enables you to choose between manifest types that you create, set file filters as well as custom names.

You can preview the files that you are about to concatenate so you know what they contain. This way, making use of the possibility to reorganize the source files in the list, you’re bound to get the exact order for the final file. Moreover, you can edit certain characteristics of a loaded file such as position (footer or header), date created and modified, size and select whether it is read only or not. Also, it’s possible to edit the content of a file using your default text editor, as well as custom ones that you set for code and SQL content.

concat! allows you to choose from ASCII, UniCOde, UTF32, UTF7 and UTF8, as well as ‘Carriage Return’, ‘Line Feed’ and ‘Carriage Return Line Feed’ line endings.

In closing, concat! is by all means a practical and reliable software solution if you want to concatenate a large number of files.