Contact Wolf is a comprehensive contact management software that acts as an address book or personal agenda. With this application, you can alphabetically organize contact details of your friends, relatives, business partners, co-workers and work clients.

The interface of the application consists of a menu bar, a toolbar comprising several shortcut buttons that allow you to quickly perform various actions and several panels that display information about each contact record.

The application allows you to assign records to a group, that can be listed according to a specific category. Thus, you can organize contacts in a personal or a business directory. Groups can also be created for each directory and you can assign contact records to up to four groups.

When you create a new record, you have the possibility to include that contact into a business associate, work, family, children, emergency, friends, school or miscellaneous category in order to organize your agenda more efficiently.

Contact Wolf is a flexible application that seamlessly integrates with your default email clients in order to send emails or simple electronic birthday or post cards to your friends and work colleagues. Because it includes such a powerful email engine, you can send multiple email messages without using your default email client.

For every record, you can set alarms that are date triggered. The alarms can be configured to automatically reset according to a daily, monthly or yearly schedule. To view, edit, add or delete alarms, you can use the 'Reminder' window or click the 'Check reminder alarms' toolbar button.

All in all, Contact Wolf is a fully-featured application that allows you to easily perform multiple operations, such as create email lists, organize and backup records, print personal address phone books and labels, password-protect individual contact records, manage contact histories or set alarms to remind yourself of important dates.