Content Organizer is a handy tool that helps you to manage published and written books and novels, along with their sections and sub-headings. It's useful especially for book writers who want to easily store and preview their creations, characters, events and locations.

The program offers an approachable layout, divided into distinct tabs for each part of the story, like selection content, people, places, events or things. Thanks to its simplicity, it can be accessed even by those inexperienced in handling book creation apps. It uses lists to create hierarchical content, which determines the order in which the elements appear.

In addition to the content arrangement, there are also options to store and preview character sheets, places, things, events, ideas, notes, and references. For each category, you can customize its look from the "Tools" menu, which, sadly, can only be viewed once the novel is published.

Each tab contains a form in which specific information can be entered, such as character's rank, role, progression or favorite places. The panels are neatly structured to help you navigate through the composition's content with ease. To insert ideas, a chapter has to be added first. Pay attention when entering new chapters, as replacing an existing one results in content deletion.

Plus, CSS style can be added before and after elements (chapters, content, event). Additionally, you can insert as many ideas, notes, characters, places, events, and references as you want. They can contain information related to the written book and may not necessarily be included in the published document. The result can be exported in HTML file format and further integrated into a webpage or document.

Taking everything into account, Content Organizer is a straightforward application designed to provide an easy way to manage and store fantasy, romance or war novels and books, with the option to add a large amount of chapters, headings, characters and events.