Handling multiple files that come in numerous formats can sometimes be challenging, as some of them might require special dependencies. Fortunately, you can rely on third-party software and bypass these limitations by converting your documents to more accessible formats. One of the applications that can be of use in this situation is Convert Auto-Complete Files.

Note that this application requires Outlook and OutlookFreeware.com Utilities to function as intended.

This utility comes with a simple layout that integrates a few easy-to-understand functions. Therefore, it provides you with increased accessibility and allows even novices to use it without encountering difficulties.

Thanks to its simplicity, no additional help documentation is required to operate it, nor understand what its functions are.

Convert Auto-Complete Files is designed to help you convert Outlook auto-complete list cache documents so that you can access them easier from another location or share them with others.

This program can help you convert DAT, NK2 or XML files to XML or NK2 format fast and in any combination. Before you process the files, you can define the source and destination paths from the main window. Leaving a blank source field automatically detects the default Outlook folder for these file types and uses it.

After you define the file paths, it is possible to toggle a couple of additional parameters. You can choose between converting your file only to NK2 or XML formats or you can toggle both options for two resulting file types.

Hitting the Save button saves your current configuration options and clicking Run starts handling your files. After the process is completed, you can view additional information about it, such as file paths or errors, if any might occur.

To sum it up, Convert Auto-Complete Files is a reliable, lightweight application that allows you to convert Outlook auto-complete documents to more accessible formats in a convenient way.