Convert PDF to Word Plus is a reliable tool that enables you to quickly extract information from PDFs and transfer it to Microsoft Word files. The software is capable of converting a batch of PDFs into different formats and allows you to also select the range of pages that you wish to extract from each input item.

While the first option available for you in Convert PDF to Word Plus is turning PDFs to DOC or RTF format, the software also supports conversion to other file types. You may easily select the output format from the main window: either Microsoft Word, image, text file or HTML.

The input files can easily be added using the dedicated function of simply by dragging and dropping the desired files into the list. The software supports only PDFs as input files. As soon as you add the documents, the software can detect their size and number of pages. The remaining columns indicate the status of each file and the range of pages selected for the conversion.

Once you have loaded all the files, you simply need to select the desired output format and the number of pages you wish to convert from each document. You may notice that the status of each file is changing as the software processes them. If the conversion is successful, the status field displays a shortcut that allows you to open the file.

The Settings tab is where you may modify the output destination, as well as the format in which to save the files when converting them to Word or image. As a MS Word file, you can save the data as .RTF or .DOC, whereas, if you convert the PDF to an image, you may select .JPG, .BMP, .TIF, .PNG, .GIF, .PCX, or .TGA.

Convert PDF to Word Plus is a handy tool when it comes to speed and effectiveness, since it can convert several files at once, in a short time. The format option applies to all the files in the list, but you may select the page range for each individual document. When converting to Word, the application cannot insert images, therefore, if the PDF contains only pictures, the output RTF/DOC file turns out blank.