Although smartphones are now compatible with almost any audio format available on the computer, there still are classical mobile phones that require specific ringtone formats in order to be able to play them. In addition, many of them are not designed to be connected to a computer to transfer data, so they require special software in order to receive the files.

Convert To Ringtone Wizard is a software utility designed to accommodate these older devices, by allowing you to easily create ringtones on your computer. The wizard-driven interface of the application enables you to load multiple audio files to the conversion list, which can include MP3, OGG or WAV documents.

In addition, you can manually select to save only a portion of the track, in case you do not need the entire file. You can achieve this by marking the start and end locations on the provided progress bar, which also contains a slider you can use. Unfortunately, the duration of the track is not displayed, so you are forced to guess and improvise when it comes to the length of the output file.

After you are done selecting and trimming the files, you can choose from a wide variety of phone vendors and models, in order to properly accommodate your device. The list includes brands such as Nokia, Samsung and BlackBerry, while the models depend on the chosen vendor, although there are more than plenty to choose from.

Furthermore, depending on the type of mobile phone you own, the application allows you to choose the preferred ringtone format, such as WAV, MMF, QCP or AMR. To help you decide, Convert To Ringtone Wizard disables the unsupported formats for your device after you choose the vendor and the model. In the end, the results can be saved on your computer and you can use infrared or Bluetooth to transfer them, or they can be sent directly to your phone by choosing your carrier and delivery method, as well as providing your phone number and email address.

Thanks to the wizard-based interface and the vast amount of supported mobile phone models, Convert To Ringtone Wizard is handy and easy-to-use application that can simplify the ringtone creation process. In addition, it the intuitive interface make it very simple for anyone to take advantage of its capabilities, regardless of their experience with computers.