When you want to make sure that only authorized users can view your Word documents, you can use Convert Word to EXE 4dots to convert them into an executable slideshow that can be opened even by those without any technical skills.

The interface of the application is straightforward and neatly organized, with all the functions clearly explained.

You need to start by adding the files you are interested in (DOC, DOCX or RTF), then enter the destination path and the output filename patters.

Then you can choose the background music you want for the EXE slideshow - you can even loop the audio track if the slideshow is longer.

Convert Word to EXE 4dots offers you the possibility to protect your slideshow with a password. Unfortunately, it does not check the password strength, nor does it help you generate a stronger one.

Alternatively, you can apply a wide range of limitations, so as to ensure only certain users can view your Word documents.

You can set a maximum number of views or printing jobs for each output EXE, you can disable full-screen or image export, or you can limit the duration of each viewing.

Additionally, you can create a list with the PC usernames, domains, or machine signatures that are permitted to open the slideshow.

The application also allows you to add your company's logo and slogan to the create slideshow, as well as assign it a custom icon, splash screen or window title.

You can even select some personalized messages to be displayed in the About box.

All in all, Convert Word to EXE 4dots offers you a handy way to share your Word documents with people who might not even have Microsoft Word installed on their computers. They can simply watch a slideshow and read the files without any effort on their side.