Cool Info FX is a user-friendly and efficient application that was developed to offer users the means of learning more about their PC, including BIOS data and OS information.

The tool features a fairly regular installation process, with to particular events, allowing users to start working with the program soon after.

The right-side panel displays, in tree view mode, all of the available functions, grouped into two main categories, namely ‘My Computer’ and ‘Client Computer’, the latter being intended for machines in the same network.

By clicking on the ‘My Computer’ node, Cool Info FX reveals its several sections, for instance ‘System Summary’, where they can discover numerous details about their machine’s BIOS (date, manufacturer, version), operating system, MAC address, total memory, username, the up time, and others.

Moreover, users can view the recently used programs by resorting to the ‘Applications In Memory’ feature, or display the ‘Battery Power’ details, a function aimed mainly for laptops. The ‘CPU’ node provides ‘General CPU Information’ as well as ‘Other CPU Properties’, while the ‘Display’ section enables them to learn more about the used monitor.

Cool Info FX allows users to list the ‘Drivers Installed’, whereas the ‘Files’ feature lets them browse through the contents of their PC by selecting the targeted drive and accessing the folder that interests them, enumerating its full contents or only specific extensions (like EXE, DLL, OCX, DRV, and others).

Furthermore, the utility provides information concerning the ‘Software Installed’, the ‘Modems’ and the ‘Network’ the PC is connected to, including ‘Adapters’, ‘Internet History’, ‘Protocols’, ‘Users’, ‘Open TCP/IP Ports’, each offering additional insight into the host system.

Similarly, users can learn about the available ‘Printers’, including physical and virtual components, being able to also list the ‘System Directories’ with just a mouse click on the corresponding tree node in the ‘Folder Items’ panel.