Copy Expert is an application developed to help copy files from damaged media.

Especially helpful if you’re trying to get back precious data from scratched CDs or DVDs, Copy Expert relies on what can be very well considered a fairly user-friendly approach and a well thought out GUI.

The design of the main window makes everything easy as pie for all user categories, mostly because it groups the essential tools in a single screen.

Copy Expert asks for the files to be copied and the output folder from the get go, while the same main window shows very important information during the copying process.

For example, it displays the estimated time to copy the current and all files, copying speed, the overall progress of the task and total files size.

There are some configuration settings too, but it’s very important to have a look in the “Algorithm” tab in order to increase the overall efficiency of the app. You can configure the number of attempts to read bad sectors, optimize for maximum data or speed and define the item to be used when replacing unread sectors.

Copy Expert works okay on most Windows versions, but we noticed a moderate CPU usage during our testing, so older workstations may be slowed down a little bit, especially when processing large files.

As a conclusion, Copy Expert could come in handy, but it doesn’t do any magic, that’s for sure. The good thing is that it can be safely used by rookies and experienced users.