By default, Windows allows you to perform quite an impressive array of operations that cover almost all areas of expertise. However, these are greatly enhanced by operations that might seem redundant to manby, such as copy and paste. The default clipboard holds one entry, but this can easily be solved with applications like Copy-Paste Pro.

A neat advantage is that you don’t even have to install the application on your computer for it to properly function, which means you can also store it on an USB flash drive and use it on other computers as well. What’s more, the target PC’s health status remains intact, because system registries are not a dependency, thus not modified.

Upon launch, you might end up scratching your head for a while, because there’s no prompt or window that shows up on your desktop to reveal options or any functions that can normally be triggered. This is because there is no interface created to aid default functions, and the application quietly sits in the system tray even when used.

The core function of the application is to extend the functionality of the Windows clipboard and let you copy and paste more than one item. What’s more, this is done in such a way that cuts of the time needed to navigate through other menus like other programs of its kind depend on.

In other word, the copy process is just as Windows creates it, namely pressing Ctrl + C or using the context menu, but you can use the Ctrl key in combination with numpad keys and numbers on your keyboard to determine the store position. What’s more, pasting is done in the same manner, thus your effort narrows down to only pressing a few hotkeys, making the mouse obsolete for copy and paste operations.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Copy-Paste Pro manages to live up to expectations by simply providing an easier alternative to storing multiple entries to your clipboard, and pasting them where needed with the same level of difficulty.