If you want to save some time by avoiding manually opening the browser and search for your favorite websites or need a quick too that can directly search for your clipboard text, Copy to Search can give you a helping hand.

The UI has no other ramifications than the dark-themed window that pops up after the installation is over. Regarding the settings and control, Copy to Search keeps it very simple, the screenshot shows you the complete program.

As a thing to remember, after the app is started and sent in the background, all the hotkey and that you set up from the system or other apps are going to be unfunctional as the OS prioritizes Copy to Search's combinations before others. It's advised to always check if the program is closed if you need to make use of other key bindings.

The apps main function is the direct search for items from the clipboard. Select any part of from anywhere and use a hotkey assigned to one of the browsers. Copy to Search comes with several default browsers and their hotkeys. 

Furthermore, the default combos can be edited out or disabled if needed. To edit or disable a row, select it and change its details in the fields below and hit save for the changes to take effect. For disabling an element untick Enable and save as well.

Using the same setup, you can set up hotkeys that will directly open a website or a homepage. To do that, you need to add a new row, a combination and paste your URL in the "Search Website" field. The hotkey will work no matter what text you have in the clipboard.

Copy to Search is a lightweight tool that, with a little practice, can save take a lot of time of website and text-based searches. It's simple and intuitive interface lets you create, delete or edit ay row, which makes it a flexible tool for all types of searches.