The paradigm of intelligence has changed a lot in the last few decades, what with the ability to joggle with information being more praised than the capacity to store high amounts of knowledge.

To put it simply, what makes the difference now is whether you can organize all your sources and make them readily available so that you take a peek at them whenever the need arises, and this is precisely what an application such as Corbie for Windows 10 claims to do for you.

Corbie is a software solution designed to help you manage your personal bookmarks as well as keep close at hand a series of relevant country-specific websites that you may find useful. You can turn the latter into personal bookmarks, and loading any entry is done within the application, and not in a third-party browser.

It is packed in an attractive interface that you can customize to your liking, with the “Settings” section allowing you to choose from a variety of dark or light themes.

As for what you need to know before interacting with the app, things are clear-cut since you first get to see a list of websites grouped by category. To name a few, you will stumble upon “Animals,” “Art,” “Computers,” “Downloads,” “Leisure,” and “News,” but your options are much more varied.

When adding a web address to bookmarks, you will have to indicate one of the appropriate aforementioned categories as well as a name and the corresponding URL. In case the newly added site is of particular interest to you and you use it frequently, you can put it on the quick launch list. This option simultaneously opens all your favorites in your default browser.

What is really nice about the program, though, is the fact that it integrates translation features, meaning that you can easily load and explore websites in foreign languages.

What's more, it allows you to make a backup of your bookmarks in CAW format and easily share them with your friends right within the application.

On an ending note, Corbie is an intuitive program that enables you to put your bookmarks in order and safely move them around either on your own PC or those of friends. It comes with a series of tags you can assign to each added URL and also allows you to personalize its interface, all of these making it a flexible and user-friendly software solution.