Regardless of the intended purpose, final outcome, or product, configuring, editing, and running proxy servers and related processes can pose real challenges, from multiple points of view. Of course, users always have the choice of manually performing such configurations, at the expense of extra time. However, dedicated apps, such as Corporate Proxy Helper, can help in such matters, providing a specialized solution.

Just as its name aptly suggests, Corporate Proxy Helper will offer users a single, centralized platform, for resolving their proxy configuration issues. Be it that they wish to eliminate SSL errors, local environment problems, or others, the app can offer a semi-automated process for dealing with such issues.

As most open-source tooling doesn’t support Windows proprietary proxy configurations via scripts, especially in corporate environments, this app can automatically detect them and all that users need to do is send their traffic through it.

Supporting SSL certificates, Corporate Proxy Helper can provide means to avoid the errors which might occur due to incompatibilities or Windows Store reading, by exporting them to more commonly used formats.

Last but not least, the app comes equipped with a set of pre-defined environment variables, which can be deployed in users’ systems, for achieving better interoperability with GIT, Python, and others.